Birthday Parties

Team XSAMA offers birthday and themed parties.

Some of our more popular parties are:

The Lights Out Lightsaber Training Academy Party. Party guest will learn the basics of how to handle, swing, throw and twirl a lightsaber, then it’s lights out for some glow in the dark fun.

Parkour birthday party. The party guest learn the basics of parkour on our in house parkour equipment which includes rails, picnic table, barrels and a 12 foot running wall.

Martial Arts birthday party. The party guest will learn the basics of martial arts including the use of various martial arts weapons (nunchucks and bo staff). Each party guest will break a wooden board that they get to keep after the party.


Each party is 90 minutes long which includes activity/training time and time for cupcakes and food.

The Lightsaber Training Academy is offered as an evening party as we need it to be dark for the lights sabers to glow bright.

Parties are available to children ages 5 and above.

Party prices are $129-$149 for 10 party guests (9 guests and the birthday child). $10 per guest after the 10th. Each party includes cupcakes for 10 guests. Parents may bring additional food if they like.

Please call for more information and booking. 858-663-9851